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The first Research presented through Blockchain and first Web3 Project based on the Science!

This project is the result of a research releated to 3 Dimensional Figures.
We have been searching for 3D Figures which must be based on mathematical functions (+) and also beautiful.
So We decided to present these excellent well-formed shapes which are the result of the research through Chain instead of putting them in a physical exhibition.
After a while We noticed that there are many good projects like 3D-ART-LAB are being developed right now.
Therefore We made a desicion to open a Decentralised Marketplace that targets research based Web3 projects.
And for making the marketplace to ineteract more easier with collections and Money based problems We will have our own Decentralised Token.
Each 3D-ART-LAB NFT item is your key to our Web3 project and notice that there will be Airdrops and Advantages for every NFT owner.

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The Project Starts

We just started the project and created the Figures.

The Mint Starts

The mint will start at Sat Aug 20.

3D Token

We will have our own decentralised token called 3D Token.


We will develop a NFT marketplace for projects like 3D-ART-LAB.

+ Some Excellent Sections Being Introduced During The Road!

What does it mean (based on mathematical functions)?
It means that the figure dimensions(every x, y and z) are calcuated based on a mathematical function like sin(𝛂) or ... . These shapes are not hand written or just made randomly and this also means that every computer can draw these figures if it has the function.
How many items does the collection have?
There are 1000 beautiful items. 100 items reserved for the team.
What is the mint price?
0.2 Ethereum + gas
Will there be any whitelisting?
No, The public mint just starts at a specific time and you can buy at that time.
When does the mint start?
It starts at Sat Aug 20.
When is the reveal date?
Reveal will be at Thu Aug 25.
Is there any discord server?
No, We are a twitter focused project. All notifications will be there in our twitter account.
How about royalties?
It is 10%.
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3D - ART - LAB